Social Profiles After Death

I have never drawn up a will, mainly because I am a 22-year-old student that owns a couple of books and a dodgy car named Panda. However, I imagine that if I was to do so deciding whom I was going to leave my social media and email accounts to, would not really cross my mind.

Apparently, where your online information goes after you die is an important legal question to ponder.

At first this can seem quite odd, but once you start thinking about the amount of private information you hold in these accounts, it starts making a lot more sense.

As outlined in this video below, getting access to a loved one’s online profiles without instructions left in a will, can be quite a hassle. In some countries your personal information is just rendered public data, freely available to the online world without any consent.

The Internet has not only enabled information to be accessed by the touch of our fingers, but has created a whole new legal world some that are only now being realised.

Watch the video on Wall Street Journal Live.


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